Send in your handwritten scores.
Receive clean, clear copies of your music that will finally be readable by somebody else besides you!

My pricing is very simple & easy!  You pay one amount for each page that you receive from me.  Typically you'll receive about as many pages or one page less of notated score as you have hand written, since hand written music tends to take up more space.

Sheet music: $30 for one page 
                           $15 for multiple pages

Additional adjustments to various notational details within the completed score are free

You will receive a PDF of the first page as soon as it is done to confirm that it meets your specifications.  Once the work has been completed it will be sent to you after payment has been made for the number of printed pages.  These pages can either be emailed as PDFs or laser printed and sent directly to your mailing address.  

Printed, loose-leaf: add to the total a flat rate of $10 plus 10 cents per page for printing.
Printed & bound: add to the total $20 per score plus 10 cents per page for printing.
Standard shipping included; expedited shipping will be extra.

-- Prices listed above are typical but are subject to revision based on individual circumstances --

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